Editor Biography

Dr. Carlo Ricci,
B.A. (York University),
B.Ed. (University of Western Ontario),

I currently teach in the faculty of education’s graduate program at Nipissing University . I try to incorporate the spirit of unschooling, democratic and learner centered principle’s in all of my classes. Everything of value that I have learned, I have learned outside of formal schooling. I have never taken a course in school connected to what I now teach and write about. I have taught in elementary and high school. I have also taught in undergraduate, teacher education programs and graduate programs. My personal schooling experience as a student and later as a teacher has inspired me to revolt against institutional schooling. I continue to heal from the wounds inflicted on me by formal schooling.

More specifically, I taught at the University of Toronto and currently teach at Nipissing University in the Faculty of Education.

My research interests has included the following: the erosion of democracy in our education system and advocating for its revitalization, teaching literacy using the spirit of Paulo Freire’s pedagogical assumptions, democratic education, critical theory, holistic education, social justice issues, alternative schools, unschooling, assessment and evaluation, the double cohort, and the negative impact of standardized testing.

The areas in which I has written and published include preservice education, the negative impact of standardized testing, democratic education, literacy, teaching English, assessment and evaluation, the turnaround program, unschooling, alternative education, the negative impact of technology in the classroom, and the double cohort.

For more information on me please visit my website at http://faculty.nipissingu.ca/carlor/ . Please note that I am in the process of making all of my published writing available for free at this site. As well, I can be contacted at carlor@nipissingu.ca .